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From Hollywood

To Housebound

To Healing

Brooke came from the entertainment industry as an International TV + Stage Actor,

Red Carpet Host, Fortune 500 Spokesperson and Entrepreneur. She has always enjoyed entertaining, engaging and educating audiences, as well as creating new ways to connect them with each other.

That wasn't the only way Brooke was meant to have an impact on this world, though.

An unexpected series of events that began 12 years ago turned Brooke's life upside down, starting with a car accident in 2011 that resulted in a severe and life-threatening spinal injury.

Brooke’s health slowly (at first), then rapidly, declined, eventually getting to a point of struggling to communicate and even breathe.


For years, every day was a nightmare. After several hospitalizations, numerous surgeries, estrangement from family, an obscene amount of debt, suicidal depression and SEVERAL YEARS spent housebound laying flat on a massage table staring at the ceiling, being spoonfed, receiving 24/7 support from her partner-turned-caregiver and having 6 in-home doctor visits per week that lasted anywhere from 4-6 hours each...


...she began slowly improving and sharing her journey online via live-streaming...

...all the while telling herself to...

"babble on", her personal mantra to keep going.

In the beginning, when speaking was still extremely challenging, she would communicate to the viewers through blinking. Her audience was taught to ask her yes or no questions, and that one blink back meant "yes", two meant "no", and three meant "I love you".  


The messages and letters began pouring in from around the world, many of which stating that someone's life has been changed, or even saved, as a result of being introduced to Brooke and her story. It was astonishing.

Who knew raw authenticity and vulnerability could have such a beautiful outcome? 

The global, and amazingly loyal, Babblers community was then born and has continued to grow to about 200,000 ever since on multiple platforms. 


They have watched her beat incredible odds and successfully defeat extreme physical and mental health challenges, a chapter of life Brooke calls "From Hollywood To Housebound To Healing". She always reminds them that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, to babble on, and that when you wake up breathing, it’s a good day!


This positivity, strength and motivation is what attracts followers and keeps them interested in learning about what has worked for Brooke, what she is doing/trying now, what she recommends, how she has defied the odds, how these lessons can apply to them, where she is in her recovery process now and overall, what's going on in her daily life. 

Brooke is now an in-demand Global Keynote + Motivational Speaker, Creator and Coach that loves inspiring, educating and lifting up others.

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If you'd like to see more of how she turned this BIG bag of lemons into lemonade, please visit the other pages on this website and follow her on any social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Clubhouse) @BabbleOnBrooke.

To learn more about Brooke's current course offers, or speaking availability, e-mail

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You can also see this video that describes in further detail what part of this incredible experience was like. Though from 2015, it provides more clarity on the journey, other aspects that were involved, and the massive positive benefits that can come from social media when you show up 100% as yourself, scars and all.

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