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The only program you'll ever need to

get out of your own way and THRIVE in life. 

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-> When hurdles of ANY kind come your way, they don't sway you from your path.


-> INSTEAD you manage them quickly and easily, then move forward.


-> Think of the boatloads of TIME you get back, as well as the peace of mind.


As a result, you feel WAY more free, light and downright UNSTOPPABLE.


In the past you may have allowed obstacles to get to you, to concern you, to even at times wonder "why me".


But now you have a system to turn to whenever something challenging pops up...



Trends and algorithms don't last forever.

High-level communication and mindset skills do.

Think you know about both of those? Just wait - you're in for a real treat.

Applying both the internal AND external work taught in this extremely robust course is what leads to long-lasting, sustainable success.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs and those in leadership roles: 
Learn how to more easily attract your ideal clients and customers by using social media in a revolutionary way that ALSO happens to be the best way for YOU.

No one leaves this course having learned EXACTLY the same thing as everyone else because it's tailored to YOU.
YOUR challenges, strengths and goals. 

How can that be?? Learn more at the link!

*Class is currently in session and closed to new applicants.To join the waitlist and get first dibs on the next round in 2024, click below. 


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Want to spend LESS time online but get MORE results?

Social audio is the way to do it...

...when it's done WELL.

Want to learn how to make the MOST of
social audio platforms like Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, Facebook's Live Audio, LinkedIn Audio and more?

Would you like to become more clear, comfortable, confident and even creative with your hosting, moderating, speaking, networking or leading?

How about attracting ideal clients, connecting with big influencers, building a brilliant bio or getting on the stages you want to? Sound good?

The list goes on. :)

If you said yes to any of the above, FANTASTIC!
That is THE way to work smarter, not harder, in 2023.

And Moderating Made Easy + More was designed to help you with exactly that.

See why Moderating Made Easy + More has been called "the most comprehensive social audio course on the market", and learn how to host, speak and lead LIKE a pro FROM a pro.


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A terrific supplemental course to Moderating Made Easy + More, Social Audio Savvy also stands strong on it's own. 


Learn the ins and outs of social and live audio, including:

  • How Social Audio Leads To More Opportunities, and More Quickly

  • How To Use Your Time Intentionally On Social Audio and Avoid Burnout

  • Find Your Tribe: How To Become Part Of Communities

  • Discover Your CTA (Call To Action) and Clearly Communicate It

  • Social Audio Best Practices

  • Social Audio Preparation

  • The #1 Way To Be Successful On These Apps

  • How To Be A More Engaging Speaker

  • How To Choose Your Profile Pic and Make Your Bio Pop!

  • How To Increase Your Followers

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