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Hello Entrepreneur!
Looking for a Social Media, Speaking and Mindset Coach who will be your Biggest Supporter?

You've come to the right place.


Do you feel...

Would you like to...

have a clear plan to move forward?
be creative with your marketing?
feel more comfortable and confident on video?
work smarter, not harder, on social media?
authentically stand out from your competition?
feel lighter and more inspired?
be more successful and happy overall?
do the above from a state of ease and flow?

If you said yes to any of those, let's talk.


How can this help you?


"If you get the chance to work with Brooke, she's going to help you become more confident, more comfortable and more knowledgable."

- Coaching By Aly 

First step's first...

Life Coaching:


 Here's a sample of what you'll receive with 1:1 Life Coaching:

  • Working together one-on-one, you will feel supported and have your biggest cheerleader in your corner - you can do ANYTHING (I'm living proof of that), you just have to believe it. And you will!!

  • Obstacles currently in your way will be addressed. You'll learn how to overcome them (much more easily than you think!) and be prepared to manage any that you find in the future.

  • A constant positive, understanding, safe and uplifting environment will be provided, giving you space to grow.

  • You will attract more peace and happiness as you begin implementing the lessons taught. Get ready for a brand new way of experiencing life!

Business Coaching: 


 Here's a sample of what you'll receive with 1:1 Business Coaching:

  • Together, we'll clarify your message and hone in on your ideal clients with a unique creative marketing strategy tailored for your business - no more throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks! Save time, energy and resources instead.

  • We'll identify the ideal social media platform(s) for you and you'll learn how to best use them in a way that doesn't take over your life. I think you know what I mean. ;)

  • You'll show up authentically as YOU, not a carbon copy of your competitors, and STAND OUT as a result. Your communication (of all kinds, including video if you choose) will improve and you'll feel comfortable implementing these new skills - the best of both worlds!

Additional Biz Support

  • You will learn new ways to optimize your current strengths to authentically communicate with, and build, a more engaged audience.                                                                                                    

  • You will receive support for creative business growth, including pivoting when times are tough (like now).                                                                          

  • You will speak - and even think! - more confidently and comfortably, ESPECIALLY on those fun (lol) Zoom calls and Instagram videos (both pre-recorded AND live - yes, you can do it!!).


  • You will learn how to best create compelling video content, increasing your online engagement. 

  • A customized sales strategy will be designed for, and taught to, you - saving you time, money, and Advil (in other words, no headaches)!

  • You will learn how to protect your business and save thousands of dollars doing so.                                                                             

  • Attracting clients, and keeping your current ones happy, will begin to come naturally.           

  • And of course, all the while, you will feel supported and excited on this wonderful adventure of yours, knowing wholeheartedly that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!



Coaching By Aly, 

Mental Health and Self Mastery Coach

Brooke is so kind, sweet and knowledgeable. Even before we got on our first call, she was already prepared and knew more about me than I thought she did. She gave me quick, actionable advice that I was able to put into place immediately after.  She knows her stuff and is so good.

Dr. Jannine Krause

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist and Podcaster

Brooke has gone way more in depth than anyone else has ever done with any of my social media.  She's also given me solid ideas and plans on how to move forward. I highly recommend working with her. She's amazing, and genuinely cares about you and wants you to succeed.  She's the whole package!

Micki Pauley,

Health & Fitness Coach

Owner of Warrior Body

Brooke is so encouraging and always leaves me feeling strong. I truly appreciate all of her belief in me. If you've been thinking about working with her,

I encourage you to take that leap. She will believe in you 100%. Invest in yourself and get the help you need.

About Brooke


With a background as an Award-Winning Host/Entrepreneur, International Actor, Marketing/Sales Executive, Content Creator and Fortune 500 Spokesperson for some of the world's most popular household brands, look no further for a coach who can help you turn your confidence and creativity up a notch (or 10). Brooke shares this knowledge and experience with those who can benefit most from it (like you!).

Brooke helps entrepreneurs, coaches and businesses show up in their work, on social media and at events confidently, comfortably and clearly. She teaches her clients how to creatively stand out from their competition, attract their ideal audience, and keep their existing ones happy, fulfilled and coming back for more. 

In addition, with 9+ years spent recovering from a severe neck injury that impacted her breathing and speaking - an "invisible disability" - along with numerous surgeries, hospitalizations, and several years housebound receiving home healthcare, Brooke also supports clients with challenging life situations. Having had firsthand experience, she empathizes with their struggles, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or financial, seen or unseen, and helps them navigate some of life’s toughest trials. This holistic approach to coaching is something Brooke proudly provides and results in more joy, peace and success for her clients.

There is a reason for everything and anything is possible -

yes, even (and especially) for YOU!!

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