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Entrepreneurs Elevate!

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I'm so glad you're here. In fact, I had you in mind when I created what I'm about to share with you.

I've been asked for quite some time to offer a group coaching program. The timing wasn't right, though, and now it just feels...well, it feels right.

So here it is! A group coaching program designed just for you and a handful of like-minded souls. 

Comprised of a carefully selected group of women entrepreneurs and business owners, I'm inviting you to join because I feel you'll benefit greatly from both the material taught and the specific group itself.

This program is designed to address the 4 main areas that, from my experience, lead to true success. As I like to say, they are the 4 pillars of an entrepreneur's path to prosperity.

Over the course of 16 weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn more about - and hone - your mindset, speaking and social media skills. You will also create a business strategy that involves you working smarter, not harder.

Music to this entrepreneur's ears, how about yours? :)

Starting in November, we will meet weekly (just about) for a 60-minute group call (and yes, we'll be taking the holiday weeks off from calls, but you will have fun assignments during that time that easily align with your festive plans). In these calls, you will practice your newfound or improved skills, receive feedback, connect with each other, and most importantly, be held accountable as you journey toward reaching your goals.

Before the group coaching begins, you will have a 30-minute 1:1 call with me to establish your goals. Following the final group coaching week, we will have another 30-minute 1:1 call together to review your progress and set up steps for you moving forward.

The program will run from the week of 11/1/21 through the week of 2/14/22.

I'm both honored and excited to work with you.

This is YOUR time to invest in yourself, receive support and ELEVATE.

Go into 2022 as a stronger, wiser, unstoppable you. Let's do this!

Cheering you on!


Here's what we'll be covering...

"If you get the chance to work with Brooke, do it! She's going to help you become more confident, more comfortable and more knowledgable."

- Coaching By Aly 

Since you're on this page, you've already been pre-qualified and can register below.

The deadline to register is Monday, October 25th.

The program is 16 weeks/4 months. Each month is $1999.

HOWEVER, I understand that times are still challenging for many, so to make this easier for you, I'm lowering the price from $1999/month to...


Yep. Half off.


To make this an absolute no-brainer decision for you, and support you however I can, I am giving you the 4th month...


That means your total investment isn't 4 payments of $1999 - which it will be if I bring the program back next year.

It is only 3 payments - not 4 - of $999/month.

And ANOTHER perk I'm throwing in right now is that I'm waiving all payment plan fees. So you can make 3 payments and rest assured there will be no hidden fees that appear like an unexpected gray hair just before date night. ;)

The first payment will be made now, and the remaining two will be made in Month 2 and 3 of the program.

Total Value: $7996
Total Investment: $2997
(Savings of: $4999)

It will look like this:
$999 by 10/22
$999 by 11/22
$999 by 12/22
4th Month FREE


What You Get:

Above the Clouds

*16-Week Program that will elevate your skills and mindset, with the goal of having success in your business and happiness in your heart

*12 Group Coaching Calls with your new tribe of like-minded women who will support and empower you through this journey


Young Businesswomen
Above the Clouds

*2 One-On-One Calls to help you shape your strategy and take it out into the world with confidence


*50% off 3 Months


*4th Month FREE

*No finance charges or

hidden fees

Register for
Entrepreneurs Elevate!

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