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Babble On


1. to talk about something in a fun, engaging way

2. to KEEP GOING at all times

(more on this under the

"About Brooke" tab)

"When you wake up breathing,

it's a good day!"


Babble on, friends,
babble on!
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If you're seeking a fun, positive and inspiring Speaker to deliver motivational messages, a Top Clubhouse Moderator to lead your room, a professional Content Creator to uniquely share your product/service on social media, OR a Coach to help you learn how to do these things yourself (and much more!), you’re in the right place! 

BabbleOnBrooke has a remarkable way of connecting with people.  She is an International Award-Winning Host, TV/Stage Actor and Fortune 500 Spokesperson turned Motivational Speaker, Content Creator, Coach and Neck Injury Warrior who specializes in sharing helpful, hopeful and positive messages that inspire, motivate and deeply resonate. 

She also enjoys empowering others and supporting them to feel incredibly confident, grow their business, overcome challenges and share their messages, products and services with the world. Brooke believes that everyone has something impactful to offer and she is here to help you do so. Check out the other pages on this website for information, testimonials and ways to work together!



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For Speaking Engagements, Brand Partnerships, Coaching or Any Other Inquiry, please e-mail:

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Mario Armstrong, 

"TODAY Show" and Emmy-Winning Creator of "Never Settle Show"

Thank you for leading by example. Examples like yours prove the reason to still have hope and why attitude matters.

Brian Herzlinger,

"The Tonight Show" and

Film Director  

Any company that is lucky enough to have Brooke at their event will experience her persistence, excellence, and passion first-hand…and will be thankful for the opportunity to work with such an outstanding talent.”

Festus Ezeli,

NBA Champion

Golden State Warriors

Your story is amazing! You've been through quite a bit. You're an incredible human!

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